Round Manways

By using automated welded construction, we are able to accommodate flexibility in thickness, width and length of the frame’s neck and flange as specified by the customer. Flanges and covers are produced in UL & API bolt hole patterns. Gaskets are available in multiple materials with Fiberflex being standard.

Rectangular Manways

By robotically welding in a flat position, we are able to produce a 360° sealed weld on our manways including storage tank “Cleanouts”. The frame is made from ¼” x 2” x 3” A36 material with 9/16” holes punched 2” apart and can be radiused to match the outside diameter of the storage tank mating surface. Covers are available in ¼” and 3/8” thicknesses. 100 ft. neoprene rolls are available for gasket material.

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