Walkways and Extensions

Our walkways and stairways are completely customizable and offered in various forms, including grated, solid-design. Wifco also features a patented pop-up walkway, which doubles transportation load and assembles on-site in only 15 minutes.


Steel Stairways

Wifco stairways allow for complete customization to match our platforms and catwalks as well as adhere to the specifications of any job. Our solid designs add strength and durability, with many different types of treads available.


Steel Crossover Bridges

Our steel crossover bridges allow for safe and easy access over otherwise hazardous obstacles on the worksite, such as retaining walls, pipes, or any other low-lying structures. Like all of our products, they are 100% customizable and made to meet OSHA and/or API 12F 13th edition standards.


Storage Tank and Vessel Components

We offer a wide range of small storage tanks and components for such, including grade bands, lift and mounting lugs, and more.


Walkway and Stairway Components

Walkway/catwalk and stairway components are offered individually to serve a multitude of uses.


Round and Rectangular Manways

Wifco manufactures robotically welded round and rectangular manways that accommodate flexibility in thickness, width and length of the frame’s neck and flange as specified by the customer.

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