Intelligent Engineering and World-Class Manufacturing. Right in the Heart of Kansas.

A combination of astute engineering, a massive array of manufacturing equipment and highly skilled employees come together to create a product exact to your needs.

We utilize best structural practices and practicality in our approach, all while mitigating costs to the customer. Our business was built on a foundation of quality product designed to last many, many years on-site.  Wifco products are built to last.


Professionals in Steel Engineering.


e approach every job with flexibility, ensuring that every specific aspect of the project is met with outstanding results. Regardless of the scale, Wifco can provide engineering support. With hundreds of customers all over the United States and Canada, our footprint is found in a vast range of structures, serving many different purposes and across many different industries.

Our approach is personal and designed to work with the demands of every client. And whether you are an experienced general contractor or requiring our structures for the first time, we are here to walk you through it step by step.

We design superior access solutions to otherwise difficult to reach locations. Safety is always a primary concern both in our manufacturing process and on-site. We have received the highest level OSHA safety recognition for small business (“SHARP”) and was the first company in Kansas to be featured by OSHA for its safety performance.

Additionally, Wifco has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. This achievement certifies that we have consistently met quality requirements established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

No job is too challenging, too big or too small.


Unmatched Manufacturing Capabilities.


ifco has some of the industry’s best manufacturing capabilities directly on-site at our facility in Hutchinson, Kansas. We employ skilled workers who follow strict guidelines for quality of construction. No product leaves our facility unchecked for the highest standards.

We utilize a large array of manufacturing equipment and make many of our basic steel shapes on-site as well, significantly reducing lead time.

Wifco has a large array of cutting systems, including, but not limited to, high definition CNC plasma cutters, a wide range of plasma and hydraulic punches as well hydraulic sheet metal shear machines.  These heavy-duty machines are essential to creating most of the designs we produce and allow flexibility in terms of metal thickness and end-size of product.

Our mix of automated and manual presses and press brakes allow us to punch, stamp and form metals for a wide variety of uses.

Robotic welding, automatic welding and semi-automatic welding are part of our everyday processes. Our robotic welders significantly enhance productivity in creating more product-per-hour than any manual welder could compete.  This allows us to create a large amount of bulk order in a  significantly smaller window of time. As usual, every item is quality checked prior to exiting the facility. We hire skilled welders and use controlled weld processes to provide flexibility in order to produce a multitude of robust, high quality weldments.

Machine Shop

Wifco’s Machine Shop: Quality Starts Here.


ifco Steel Products houses a fully equipped machine shop operated by highly skilled tool and die craftsmen. We utilize some of the industry’s best equipment available, such as our 3 axis CNC Vertical Machining Center.

For you, this means custom solutions for all of your steel fabrication challenges. Once that solution is designed, Wifco can deliver your products cost-effectively and in large quantity.


Getting Your Product Home.


ifco is located only 200 miles from the geographic center of the United States, allowing us to deliver north, south, east and west in reduced time compared to other steel fabricators.

We own our own fleet of trucks and trailers, as well as partner with dedicated, third party carriers to facilitate quick response to customer needs. Wifco and its partners have the expertise and transportation equipment to ensure that your product arrives on-time and in excellent shape.

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